There are four types of eyeglass frames: metal, plastic, plastic-metal, and ______.

I went to get lenses for my eyeglass frames today.  I thought it would be relatively simple; just give them the frames, the prescription, and walk out of there expecting newly fitted frames next week.  But the optician took one look at my frames (that i bought elsewhere, because i’m picky like that) and told me there might be a problem.  He said that when he sends the eyeglass lab the lens measurements for my frames, he might, in return, receive lenses that are too small to fit the frames.  The reason for this possibility, he said, is that my frames are entirely plastic, meaning there is no wire inside the plastic.  Now, as you may agree, that is completely nonsensical, because what does lens cutting and fitting have to do with what is or is not inside the plastic of plastic frames?  I should have retorted, but this lack of logic did not occur to me then, because i was too fascinated by something that he showed me.  He took me inside his office and showed me the machine that measures and creates the blueprint for eyeglass lenses.  He perched my frames atop a metal nose and chose “plastic” out of the four options on the screen: metal, plastic, plastic-metal, and ___________  (i can’t remember what the fourth option was).  A small, metallic cone positioned parallel to the plane of the eyes of my frames proceeded to rotate, tracing, with its tip, the groove inside the frame where the lens snaps in.  Its slow and graceful movement was hypnotizing.

As to the fourth frame material option that i cannot recall, my only guess is “frameless,” but how could one use that machine to measure the lenses of frameless glasses?  There’s no groove that it can trace!  As for half-frame glasses (is that the correct term? i’m referring to those frames that have metal on one half of the lens and a clear, fishing line type of thread on the bottom half that fits into a groove in the lens to hold the lens in place), is the cone able to trace that fishing line?  I think that’s highly improbable.

Would any opticians out there care to enlighten me?



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3 responses to “There are four types of eyeglass frames: metal, plastic, plastic-metal, and ______.

  1. Great info, thanks a lot.

  2. Veronica

    They do trace Rimless frames. There is 2 kinds of Rimless Frames. Grooved and Drill. The Groove frames do have some sort of Metal, or plastic. The Drill frames do not, the drill holes into the lens, and with screws, or with plastic locks, they assemble them. The way they trace these kinds of frames, they trace a pattern that the Manufactors give the labs, or if the frames are to old, or dont have a pattern, they will trace the old lens. The same machine traces them, you remove some hardware, and use another tool, that in turns goes around the pattern, or old lens.

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