The role of Art

I was reading one of my favorite blogs when i found this in a comment:

“You need to build your grace somehow. It might be through art or whatever but art really is not that important and people who go on and on about it tend to be boors. It might be — and I hope for more and more people it could be — service to others.”  

I’d like to hear people’s comments on this.  Art doesn’t just interest me, art doesn’t just define life for me, but rather, art is my life.  Camus’s The Stranger saved my life.  Literally.  Without it, i might have committed suicide.  So how does Art mean so little to so many?  Art is the ultimate savior.  It was a service to me.  And i make art to bring the universe together for a shared moment and feel and let others feel what humanity is.  To take comfort in knowing that we are all still the same in some way.

Why can’t others see that?


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