Frozen blueberries are so addictive


beautiful, aren't they?

beautiful, aren't they?

(photo credit: Carl Zacharias Mellin)

Frozen blueberries are so much more delicious than you’d imagine.  I’m not talking about a bag of freezer-burnt, ice-crusted frozen blueberries from the frozen foods section of the supermarket.  I’m talking freshly picked, hand-washed with love, thoroughly drained, frozen individually on a sheet pan, and transferred to a zipbag to last you through the winter blueberries.  Oh.  My.  Fucking.  God.  They are out of this world!  I’ve always been a blueberry fanatic, but i never imagined rock-hard home-frozen blueberries to be this good.  Eating fresh blueberries is always a heavenly pleasure, of course, but there are advantages to eating them frozen instead:

you can stock up for the off-seasons;

you’ll never notice the mushy blueberries since they’re all rock-hard from being frozen;

they stay deliciously cold enough to cool you off.

(Frozen grapes are similar in concept and form, but i think the skin of the grapes taste worse when frozen.)  

Tip:  The blueberry flavor (which is all concentrated in the skin) can be enjoyed at full strength if you melt the frozen blueberry for a second in your mouth, roll it around with your tongue to peel off the skin, and chew the skin separately.  I’m thinking this will be a good method to separate the blueberry skin for use in recipes that need all the flavor and none of the water or gooey texture.



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4 responses to “Frozen blueberries are so addictive

  1. May

    I’ve only eaten the kind that I find in the frozen section. I’ll have to try this out the next time I buy fresh blueberries. Thanks for the tip!

  2. more

    mmmmmmmm…love those things….
    i’m even eating them right now…

  3. Robin

    I am worried about myself and my addiction to frozen blue berries!!! I eat them pints at a time !! I get up at night to get the last bag out of the freezer and can’t wait until tomorrow to go get MORE!! Is this bad for you??

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