Philosophy or Communications?

[edited 11/01/08, scroll down for the edit]

I’m currently a junior in NYU Steinhardt’s Media, Culture, and Communication department.  I hate it.  I used to be in NYU GSP (General Studies Program, now called Liberal Studies), had thought about transferring to CAS for Cinema Studies (GSP used to be a two-year program that required an internal transfer to a school of your choice in NYU), but upon taking two core courses in Steinhardt’s MCC (Media, Culture, and Communication) department, i decided to do an off-track transfer (i was on-track to CAS) to the latter department instead.  And now that i am officially majoring in MCC, i’m beginning to realize that the academics aren’t as strong and inspiring as i initially thought they were.  Also, i’m paying a lot of money for this education, so i’d rather major in something that would really allow me to experience and ponder humanity at its fullest, and a good major for that kind of education would be Philosophy (which is in CAS).  I do have a bit of a background in Philosophy as i was required to take two core courses in it while in GSP, and most of my MCC courses included (and currently include) philosophical texts as well.  

The thing is, if i were to double-major in MCC and Philosophy, i might have to stay an extra semester or two, which costs even more money.  But if i major only in Philosophy, my degree may not be as marketable (as much as i don’t want to, i need to think about how i’m going to make a living).  So, my question to you all is, would a minor in Communications suffice to make up for the practical education part of my degree, or is it true that employers don’t even consider applicants’ minors?  Also, which U.S. universities are well-known for their Philosophy departments?  Because if i am to do this, i might as well do it right and consider transferring to other schools as well, especially if i’ll have to spend extra semesters either way.  As for my career aspirations?  Anything, really, as long as i can help people and be creative at the same time.  Anything in the arts would be especially appealing.  I’d also like to be able to afford a roof over my head, sufficient food to stay healthy, and clothes to keep me civilly dressed.  

I really need your input.  I don’t have much time to make this decision before it’s too late, and i’ve done all the thinking i can.  I need outside information now.  Many thanks in advance!

EDIT (11/01/08):  Just for the record, i decided to stay in MCC and minor in Philosophy, because i think a minor would satisfy me.  

Also, i think i should have made one thing clear in this entry:  Steinhardt MCC is an amazing program; it’s just not the right one for me.  Many of the professors are truly inspirational, and i will never forget some of the readings, projects, and discussions i’ve been lucky enough to experience.  It just happens to cater more to students who are pursuing a career in Advertising, PR, and/or Marketing, none of which i am interested in.  What i would like to learn about is the philosophy of communication, the theory behind it.  I did get a taste of it in one of the core courses, but i would like more, and i now realize that what i really want is to study philosophy.  But i’d still like to stay in MCC, because it will act as a nice framework in which to ponder the philosophy of communication, aesthetics, and language.


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2 responses to “Philosophy or Communications?

  1. Shiana


    Your story is very interesting and as a protective transfer applicant to Steinhardt MCC your story is particularly interesting. Can you speak a bit on how rigorous the transfer process is for Steinhardt? MCC in particular?


    • n

      Hi, Shiana, and thanks for the comment.

      I’m guessing you’re transferring from outside of NYU? Steinhardt is actually not that competitive, and it’s known to be the school that is most accepting of transfers within NYU. As for MCC in particular, it’s true that it’s more competitive than the other programs in Steinhardt, but it’s not THAT competitive. I’m sorry i’m being so vague, but i honestly can’t give you numbers and such that the Admissions dept looks for, because i’m not an admissions officer. But if you’d like to know more about the program in general, just let me know on here and i’ll email you. Best of luck!

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