New Jersey is beautiful

Despite being nicknamed the Dirty Jersey, New Jersey is actually beautiful.  Beautiful in its own grey, industrial, run-down, suburb-with-history way, that is.  I only realized this when i commuted to New York by NJ transit for the first time.  On my way from Edison Station to NY Penn Station, i passed vast parking lots, cars in neatly packed rows, old signs and new billboards, fields of dried up weeds, old factories with broken windows, and wetlands bordered with cattails and reed and polluted by human intervention, all with a consistent layer of cement appearing at regular intervals.  In short, it was a lot of dead nature interspersed with metal and concrete.  But somehow, it was beautiful.  Somehow, the suburban loneliness, the decrepit landscape, and the polluted sky seemed beautiful when i saw those broken windows and brown weeds stare back at me, so frail and neglected, yet unfazed and still standing strong.  

Perhaps Joshua Lutz saw the same.



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3 responses to “New Jersey is beautiful

  1. Everywhere is beautiful, in its own respect =)

  2. pete

    The people in our great state make NJ beautiful. The politicians are the weeds that must be plucked and thrown out so the beauty of our state can be clearly seen.

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