wish me luck

I leave tomorrow for a school trip to Morocco, and when i come back, i’ll be busy writing a report on said trip, moving into my new dorm, and preparing for my internship, so i might not be able to post much of anything until the week of the 26th.  Not sure what to expect on the trip, but i’m nervous to say the least, seeing as the last time i went on a school trip like this one, i slept maybe a total of five hours the entire week and threw up nonstop the last two days.

I guess i’ll just aim for coming back in one piece.



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8 responses to “wish me luck

  1. Good luck sah! Who needs sleep anyway?

  2. Angela B.

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your trip! Either way I’m eager to hear all about it. I somehow stumbled onto your blog in the midst of my insomnia (just in time to get back in sync with east coast time, right?) and I’m a big fan to say the least! Hope to get in touch with you soon!

    • n

      Hey, Angela! Thanks for the comment. I’m hoping to post soon about the trip, but either way, you’ll definitely hear about it in person next week. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. danmihalache

    Well, I wish you good luck; and though you say you’ll be busy, i’ll come back.
    Dan, http://danmihalache.wordpress.com

  4. n

    Thanks, Dan–i am back healthy and satisfied. Looking forward to seeing you around here, but too bad i can’t read Romanian!

  5. danmihalache

    I’ll translate more of my site in english and french, bur this is moreover a professional one (advertising for my clients). I have much literature on “literature page”, a book a day, a poem a day, some architecture stuff, and I’ll add some of my own and some of my junior essays.
    Cheers, Dan

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