Please cure my insomnia

insomnia1(image via John Champlain’s weblog)

Everyone who knows me knows i suffer from insomnia but refuse to take medication for it.  It’s not only out of fear for potential dependency on it; i don’t like to take medication or supplements of any kind, not even vitamins.  I just try to eat healthily and opt for natural remedies whenever possible.  But desperate times call for desperate measures, so for bouts of severe insomnia, i take melatonin, or when i happen to be sick, too, ridiculous amounts of acetaminophen, neither of which helps at all.  They actually make it worse by making me even sleepier but not helping me fall asleep.  My usual causes of insomnia are:

1.  overusing my mind
2.  stress
3.  depression

I’m insomniac right now, and it’s due to causes 1 and 2.  This always happens when i start school, and it’s worse this semester because i’m taking two philosophy courses on top of adjusting to a new dorm and roommate.  I can’t fucking stop thinking about all the things i’m reading about and discussing in lecture and recitation.  And i can’t ignore all the little noises my roommate makes.  I just hope i won’t be repeating my freshman year dorming experience, but that’s another story, which is too stressful to think about right now anyway.  

No matter how much i tire myself during the day, and no matter how much melatonin i take, i can’t fall asleep.  This is not good—i have a lot of work to do!  I have to get things done, and i can’t do that when i’m running on no sleep.  Many mistakes are going to be made this week, which is bad because i’m starting my internship on Wednesday.  Can’t start off on the wrong foot!  And please don’t suggest caffeine.  It only makes things worse for me.  Coffee has only ever done bad things to me, one of which was a mini heart attack.  Alcohol?  Tried that too.  

So please, readers, offer me advice on how to zonk out.  I don’t think i can take this any longer.

p.s.  now i have a heartburn from stress and allergies from sleep deprivation.  and i thought blogging was supposed to be therapeutic!


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4 responses to “Please cure my insomnia

  1. Maralle

    Welcome to the club. I have been experiencing insomnia since last October when my husband told me that he was very dissappointed about me and the relationship and many more things that humilliated me. It was a quite a shock and still hurts a lot. He is a good man and we have had six years of great marriage. After going to a mariage counselor, he told me that he wanted to give a try again. I feel that we are together because he feels bad that his words perturbed me so profoundly. And, my heart doesn’t have more beats for him. Well anyway long story…….I tried melatonin, Simply Sleep, Music therapy and NOTHING!! I have read that Cognitive Behavorial Therapy has a very high sucess rate with insomniacs. Going to give a try this week. Hope you do too.

    Good luck!!

    • n

      I’m sorry about what happened between you and your husband. Lord knows, i’ve suffered many sleepless nights hurting from painful words.

      Cognitive behavioral therapy sounds like a good idea. Only thing is, i can’t afford it right now (both in terms of money and time). I hope it works for you. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Fil

    alright its 4:45 am, my 2nd sleepless night…. Where to start? Since a kid I had trouble sleeping properly. I was the last one to fall asleep in the house, always. Last couple of years this has developed into this… Im in uni now and in a few years a working man, I cannot afford this. Even though during the day im calm and peace-full, when night time comes.. I change….. My mind goes breserk over meaning less things like what did I do today, what book was that guy reading across the street? It goes on like this for a couple of days with only a few hours of sleep. Once now and then I get a good sleep of six hours (thats the maximum). It physicaly tires my and iv noticed that i can’t keep my emotions in check. Things affect me more than others, ofend me or my friend and il get really pissed off, do something to hurt me and it will hurt me alot. Sometimes even when my friends give me a pat on the back I jump. I am so tired that it feels like they are trying to hit me more than pat me. I am lucky to have these friends though as they tolerate much.

    • n

      Wow, have you tried anything to resolve the issue? Medication? Therapy? I refuse to take sleeping pills, but from experience, Melatonin and substances that cause drowsiness such as acetaminophen don’t work on me. If the insomnia is severe, i usually just have to tough it out until my body crashes and i finally fall asleep.

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