Maybe i’ve outgrown New York



There’s something about New York.  It’s amazing and depressing at the same time, and i’m starting to feel more of the depressing part these days.  Despite having grown up in urban and suburban areas, i feel like the city is becoming too much for me.  All i can think about these days is retreating to nature.  I used to love taking aimless walks here, so i went out this weekend to take advantage of the warmer weather, but i didn’t enjoy the walks this time.  It was an opportunity to think to myself, but the roads, the cars, the crowds just got to be a bit much.  

And i feel lonely.  My dream vacation right now is to run away to an infinite field and make love in it.  

I need to get out of here.  



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4 responses to “Maybe i’ve outgrown New York

  1. Rachel

    Make sure you get all the grassy shit out of your ass after love making.

  2. Take a break; you don’t have to live the city life.

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