the yogurt series, ii

Current top yogurts:

1.  Dannon’s All Natural Lemon


(can’t find a picture of lemon, but this is the right product line, though the packaging design has changed)

2.  Wallaby’s Organic Lowfat Key Lime

Since my last yogurt post, i’ve tried several more yogurts, and i’ve found a new favorite (that’s right, it knocked Liberté off the number 1 position, and believe me, it takes a lot to do that).  But before i talk about that, i have to tell you about this amazing yogurt i had in Morocco.

So on the second to last day of the trip, we finally got a chance to go to a supermarket in Morocco (we all traveled as a group and were not allowed out by ourselves), and of course, i searched for French yogurt, in particular, La fermière (reference my last yogurt post for its description).  Although i didn’t find that, i found a similar Moroccan yogurt packaged in jars.  The packaging described it as a firm yogurt, so i thought, whoa, maybe i just scored some French-style firm yogurt.  So i went back to the hotel, took a deep breath, and ripped open the foil covering, and i saw that the texture was shimmery and glossy, with a layer of liquid covering the top.  Definitely not the grainy, firm, dense yogurt i was anticipating.  But i dug in with my tiny plastic spoon, and it indeed was firm.  Wet and silky, but firm, maintaining its shape in my spoon.  It was exactly like my favorite French pudding (Le Gourmand? i forget the brand, but it was in paper cups, not jars), except, you know, it was yogurt.  Impossibly silky yogurt.  Although i enjoy grainy yogurt, i really liked this silky stuff, especially because it was firm.  I forget the name, but i saved the packaging and it’s rolling around somewhere at home, so the next time i go home, i’ll try to find it and update this post with an image of it.

Now i shall reveal my new second favorite yogurt (that can be found in the States):  Wallaby.  One day, i was eating my usual Pear Six-Grain Liberté yogurt, when i noticed how creamy and overly rich it was.  So when i went to Whole Foods, i decided to buy some Wallaby, an Australian-style yogurt that i’d never tried before.  And it turned out to be just what i needed.  It was grainy, a bit runny, and very light.  My favorite is the Organic Lowfat Key Lime.  I’m partial to all citrus-flavored yogurts, because the zing cuts through the dairy richness.

Which brings me to Emmi’s Pink Grapefruit yogurt:


(photo credit)

Word in the foodie world is that this is currently one of the best yogurts out there, so i got two 6-ounce cups for a whopping $1.89 per cup at my local cheese shop (and found out a week later that an Asian supermarket the same distance from me sells it for $1.49).  I was so excited to dig into it and was largely disappointed with it.  It’s got great flavor, that’s for sure, but the texture is rather nasty.  Okay, i say it’s nasty, but it’s really the texture of your standard Yoplait, which some people might not have a problem with.  The nasty, cloying, American yogurt texture.  And i really don’t like the bits of grapefruit floating around in this Emmi.  I don’t like fruit bits in my yogurt.  It just interferes with the texture of the yogurt itself.  Kind of like how i hate toppings on pizza cos they disrupt the flow of the cheese.

Since Wallaby is a bit expensive ($1.19 at Whole Foods, if i remember correctly) and cannot be found when i go home to Middlesex County, NJ, i needed to find a cheaper, suburban alternative.  Enter Dannon’s All Natural yogurt.  It’s way under a dollar (i don’t remember exactly how much, although there’s no point in reporting the price, cos it fluctuates with sales and specials and whatnot), and it’s surprisingly good.  None of that nasty texture.  It’s actually fairly grainy and moderately thick (make sure to pour out the liquid sitting at the top, because if you stir that liquid in, your yogurt is going to get clumpy).  And i like that it doesn’t have preservatives.  I only get the lemon because it’s refreshing, and you know how much i love my citrus-flavored yogurts.

Now that i’m living in New York again, i’ll be trying a lot more different yogurts for the next few months, so keep an eye out for the next installment of yogurt reviews.

[edit, 07/11/10:] The Dannon All Natural Lemon has become my go-to yogurt, and i like it so much and am so convinced that no better pseudo-firm yogurt can be found in the tri-state area, that i haven’t tried very many new yogurts since my third yogurt post.


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