My last NYU September

The past week has been the best i’ve ever spent at NYU.  This is my third semester dorming (the first, fall of freshman year, and the second, spring of junior year), and i have never been this happy with my living situation.  Alumni Hall was definitely nice–you can’t beat its location, neighborhood, and convenience—but it was too loud and hectic, and i spent many a night cursing off the sophomores gathered under my second-floor window smoking, chatting, and generally being stupid all night.  And of course, there were the mice.

Now i’m at 26th and 1st, and while it’s the least popular NYU dorm, i’m very happy with the remodeled kitchen and i even like that it’s out of the way.  The walk to the subway is not bad at all, and the lack of good, cheap eating options in the neighborhood compared to the East Village will mean that i’ll be cooking most meals, which should be a nice change.  And it’s quiet.  There are mostly juniors and graduate students here (i’m the only senior on my floor, the rest being juniors), and despite living next to two big hospitals, i’ve only heard one ambulance so far.  While i sometimes miss the liveliness and convenience of the East Village, i’m relieved to be living in a peaceful, residential district this year.

Then there are my suitemates.  I don’t think i’ve ever gotten along this well with assigned suitemates.  We talk all the time, hang out all the time, and have tea and sweets together regularly (cute, right?).  I actually look forward to them coming back to the room, and i already miss one of them who’s been in Toronto for the past two days.  And if this weren’t enough, i have an awesome RA!  He’s so friendly and helpful and i love running into him all the time.  My freshman year RA was hard to get ahold of and ultimately failed to help me resolve issues with my disruptive neighbors (hence, the departure after one semester), and i never even formally met my junior year RA.

So all in all, my last Welcome Week has been the best that i could’ve asked for, and school starts tomorrow!  I really only put the exclamation point there to try to sound enthusiastic, because i’m actually dreading this semester.  With a fully booked class schedule and two internships, i’ll be having 9-hour work days Monday through Friday.  I don’t know how i’m going to look for full time jobs on top of that, or even maintain psychological well-being.  And i’m sad that i only have one year left.  Most of my friends who are graduating with me can’t wait for school to be over so they can start working, but i love school and wish i had a good excuse (and the expenses) to stay a few extra semesters, or better yet, transfer to a real college like Sarah Lawrence and have the traditional small-liberal-arts-college-with-a-beautiful-campus experience i’ve been wanting since junior year.  I guess all i can hope for is to make the most of my last year in undergrad.

Cheers to my fellow seniors, and i hope that this year goes exactly the way you want it to.  I think we deserve it.


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6 responses to “My last NYU September

  1. Holy stromboli, you’re a senior.

  2. Hey,

    I didn’t even realize you had a blog. I would love to grab lunch soon. Maybe early next week. I have a meal plan, I could treat us. 🙂

    Glad to hear you like your living arrangements.

    • n

      lunch sounds great! by next week, do you mean the week of the 21st? in any case, on M/W, i get out of back-to-back classes at 3:15, and on T/R, i get out at 12:15, but i can’t do the 22nd and might not be able to do the 24th either, unless my work schedule changes, which it might. let me know what your availabilities are!

  3. Yo! Just saw your blog and it’s great =) Glad you’re having a nice year so far. We should catch up sometime! I too am completely freaking out about being a senior – it’s scary stuff.

  4. n

    Akhila! Ahhhh, i seriously hate being a senior! It keeps getting worse! How’s everything with you, though? How was Geneva?!

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