Some things i’ve been wanting very badly but haven’t been able to find

Not to sound really consumerist, but i’ve been wanting some of these things for years, as most of them would make my life a lot easier.  I would appreciate any suggestions, both for products and places where i could look.  The items are listed in order of greatest to least desire.

  • A small, lightweight compass (no more than 1.5″ in diameter) that opens and closes like a pocket watch.  A pocket watch with a built-in compass (as in, 12 o’clock would indicate North, and there would be a compass needle hovering over the hour, minute, and second needles) would make my life.
  • A leak-proof stainless steel mug that doesn’t come with a cup (like a thermos might) but has some kind of attached but partially removable cover (like a flip-top cap, i guess) for the top so that when i put it in my bag, the top won’t get dirtied.  I don’t want a thermos cos those are too heavy, and i always thought the whole cup/lid thing was unsanitary.
  • A stainless steel mug with an analog thermometer, an AC power plug (not a 12-volt power plug for cars), and at least an 18 oz. capacity.

I currently have this one, and it’s really nifty, but i’d like one with a larger capacity and an AC power plug.

And i need both mugs to have a handle, be easy to drink from, and be relatively easy to clean (it doesn’t have to be dishwasher-safe).  A stainless steel top would be great as well.  Plastic tops stain so easily…

  • A good quality analog thermometer-barometer-hygrometer that isn’t ridiculously expensive (preferably under $60)
  • A tape measure made of fabric (although i could make this one myself…)
  • A medium-sized tray (approx. 8″ x 12″) made of unfinished dark wood, like this table of Heidi‘s, but maybe a little darker:

  • A small, oval mirror (approx. 5″ x 7″) that can stand both vertically and horizontally (like a photo frame, but not with a cardboard backing) and has a white or ivory metalwork border.  I can settle for vertical only.

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