Dedicated to my SMOE friends

Think about this for a second:  there are 258 of us planted in every corner of Seoul, all doing the same thing:  teaching English in public schools.  We’re like a formidable army, and we’ve got our bases covered.  I’m continually mesmerized and inspired by this thought, and it’s what keeps me going when things get tough in my neck of the woods.  Because i know there’s someone in this city who’s going through the same things i am.

Other than the bland food and lectures, i think i enjoyed our orientation way more than i should have.  I learned something new during my time there:  i get along better with a slightly older crowd.  I disliked the majority of the people at my university, except those in a graduate level course i took in my last semester.  I’m one of the youngest in our bunch, and before i got to orientation, i was a bit concerned that i wouldn’t be able to talk to you guys, but what do you know, i’ve never had an easier time talking to people.

So i’m taking this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to those of you who have either made me smile or laugh (or both!) at KHU and continue to do so now.  I knew the journey would be difficult, but what i didn’t know was that i’d have so many wonderful people with me on it.

Good luck to you all, and remember that i’m smack dab in the middle of Seoul (Yongsan-gu) if you ever need me.

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