A strange day

I’m gonna write a mid-day diary entry today, because i have all my second graders write journals, and i feel like writing one, too.  I can’t even remember the last time i wrote a diary entry just describing what i did for the day.

Is it possible to black out without having consumed any alcohol?  Because i think i did last night, and it was my first “blackout” ever.  I woke up at 1:30am, with the lights on and the window open.  I couldn’t remember how i ended up in bed, asleep.  I couldn’t remember what i did before i fell asleep.  All i remembered was being on Facebook around 1am.  After taking a minute to re-orient myself, i got out of bed and checked to see if i’d set an alarm, and i hadn’t.  I tried to finish correcting essays, but i was so tired i closed my eyes to rest a little bit.  It was my first time falling asleep in a chair.  I woke up again at 2:30 with the worst stomachache.  I think i ate spoiled yogurt.  You see, my local grocery store started stocking my favorite yogurt, but they don’t refrigerate it; they just stack it in front of the fridge case.  I didn’t think i should buy it, but i took the risk anyway because i really wanted that yogurt.  I’ll have to complain the next time i go.

So anyway, after a half-hour of torture, i took some Pepto Bismol, set my alarm for 4am, and passed out once again.  I slept through the alarm but somehow woke up in a panic at 6:47, with just enough time to get ready for school.  I had time to input Class 6’s journal grades, but there was no way i was going to finish correcting Class 3’s 2nd set of essays (i have Class 3 1st period and Class 6 2nd period on Fridays).  They submitted these essays a week ago, so i really wanted to give them back today.  Luckily, this class is somehow way ahead of the other classes (most classes wrote their 2nd essay in class today), so this doesn’t set them back in any way.  Besides, if i’d returned them today, they would have had to do rewrites over break.  So we had a relaxing lesson today writing and talking about Chuseok.  The girls had a good time, i wasn’t ordering them to shut up like i always am during timed writings, and their faces absolutely lit up when i gave them all letters as a Chuseok present.  My head co-teacher, who teaches that class with me, was pleased with the letter, too.  She later came to me, smiling and thanking me for it.  The letter was an excuse to have students learn my handwriting (i gave them each a handwritten copy and a typed copy), but it contained all the things that i’ve been wanting to tell them since starting teaching here.  I explained why i was so strict, stricter than probably any other teacher in this school, and i really hope they read it, because it was sincere.  Until now, i think my head co-t hated me a little bit for being so hard on them, but she told me today that she understands now why i teach this way.  So i’m glad that’s settled.

I have one more timed writing class today, and then it’s Chuseok break!  I’ll be visiting the classes i didn’t have today at lunchtime to hand out my letters.  It’s gonna be a riot.  My 2-4 girls have been writing in their journals that they sing and dance at lunch, so i’m gonna have to bring my camera.  I hope i can sneak a few photos!  Hmm, i wonder if i can also eat with them…

Tonight, i’m either going to Apgujeong or staying in.  I can’t decide, because i wanna meet some new people, but i’ve also been so out of it lately that i should probably recharge.  Either way, i’m really looking forward to visiting the Theo Jansen exhibit tomorrow.  It just looks amazing!  Which reminds me, i need to finish up my first gallery post…

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