I suddenly miss New York more than ever

I miss going to The Strand, the store with 18 miles of books.  I miss walking and smoking by the Hudson, strolling into Chelsea galleries on a whim.  I miss exploring the community gardens and street art of the Lower East Side, witnessing the struggle against gentrification.  I never got to wrap yarn around the fences…  I miss the small playhouses and underground comedy clubs, the well-deserved nights of good times and fun.  These nights were so rare for me that they never lost their charm or magic.

I miss taking long walks in the spring, carrying nothing at all, my skirt billowing in the breeze.  I miss sitting in front of Alumni Hall, sketching in the sun with a mug of hot tea by my side.  I miss visiting the Barney building just to indulge in its comforting atmosphere and pleasing red-and-ivory color scheme.  In the 2nd floor women’s room, there is a sunny stall missing a swinging door.  The window opens all the way, so you can stick your head out and look down 9th St, my favorite street in Manhattan.

There are many things i didn’t get to do in New York.  I was always studying, and although it sustained me, i wish i’d also taken the time to enjoy the city more.  Whenever i think about New York these days, i wonder if i’ll ever feel at home there again.  Was it ever my home to begin with?  How will i feel when i visit?  When i finally get around to crossing things off my to-do-in-NYC list, will i feel like a tourist?  Who will be there when i return?

I hope to go back soon.  This city is suffocating, and as much as i love my hill here, i miss New York too much.


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5 responses to “I suddenly miss New York more than ever

  1. Ryan

    Your post made me miss New York, even though I’ve never lived there!

  2. Ra

    I miss YOU! Another puta who left me.

  3. Eve

    NYC is my favorite city in the world. Every time I visit, I feel magic in the air. I’d like to live there one day.

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