student quotes, edition #1


[Grabbing my arm] No, don’t go! I have more questions…

[Seeing me pass out letters for them] Ahhhhhhhh!!!  [not a squeal, but a full-on scream]

[Opening my letter] Teacher, you’re so sentimental…!

-Do you wanna ask me a question?

While playing the one word story game (where each person adds one word to a developing story):

Yesterday…i…went…to…the…bathroom…to…wash…my…body.  My…grandfather…visited…me, and he came into…the bathroom!!

From writing assignments:

They always look for hot girl even if they looks like potato.

I like to go shopping because my eyes are very excited.

I like blue & pink on ordinary times.  Because Blue is gloomy and like a daydream.  And Blue give to me imaginative power, so I can dream through the blue.

Movies are special to me.  They make tremendous movements in my mind.

Finally, I became the student of Bosung.  I visited the school for the first time during the winter vacation.  The school was located in a high and remote place.  And it was not that big but neatly-sized.  At that time the school was painted with sweet strawberry color.  It looked sweety when I saw the school building.  And I still remember the entrance ceremony where the principle said to us in English, “Welcome to Bosung Girls’ High School!  ha ha!”

(This was from a speaking contest entry.  It made me sentimental, it made me laugh hysterically, it made me grateful for what I have…  You can tell how much she loves this school, and i love it for the exact same reason she does; it feels like home.  It’s no longer a “sweet strawberry color,” but the moment you set foot on campus, you can feel how comfortable everyone is there.  There’s no undue pressure on the students to get into a good college, and the teachers really look out for them.  The girls are a tight-knit family, and the principal’s a kook.  I can picture exactly how he would’ve said that at the entrance ceremony.  He used to be an English teacher, so he likes to say random things in English to random people at random moments.)

Today, I com back hom from school.  I’m very upset and very angry.  Because my puppies disturb my clean room.  So, My room is almost so very dirty.  I’m not patient with my anger.  So, I shout to my puppies.  So, my puppies fear.  That time I see the that state Suddenly I feel sorry to my puppies.  So, I give delicious snaks to my puppies.  I spend complexity today.

My name is <redacted>.  My name means “to respect my parents”.  I don’t do that, so I’m sorry to my parents.

I have described my self thought my hairstyle, eye color.  I want you to know more about me!  I’m will not plastic surgery.  You are my guarantor.

I listen to Ms. K_____ when I want to sad.

Our native teacher Ms. K_____ is very friendly and beautiful. Especially her smile is very pure and clean, How about your teacher? [from a pen pal letter :D]

What’s more, the water pressure of the water is so low.  Sometimes I saw horrible things.

Black is my favorite color.  Black is the color of pure night and the color of nothing.

I think children are a small mirror in our lives because they learn everything from adult’s behaviors.

How could i not love these girls?  And my job…


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6 responses to “student quotes, edition #1

  1. Rachel

    My favorite is, “They always look for hot girl even if they looks like potato.”

    Fucking hilarious!

  2. jingjing

    They are pretty amazing.

    I like the stuff about the colors.

  3. Cute, very cute. I wonder what the student meant by this: “What’s more, the water pressure of the water is so low. Sometimes I saw horrible things.”

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