A friend told me last night, “Everyone has flaws.”  Of course, everyone does.  It’s just that when it comes to my best friends, the people i love, i have a much harder time accepting flaws.  Because i’m too much of an idealist.

I hold the people i love to a much higher standard.  I want them to be perfect.  I want them to be the kind of people everyone respects, adores, and emulates.  I want them to be the shining ideal of a person, a representation of all the things i stand for.  And when they fail to be that, i’m crushed and inconsolable.  It hurts me deeply.

And that makes me afraid i’ll never be happy with anyone.



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2 responses to “Idealism

  1. Strigiformes

    I totally agree with you. I also have a hard time dealing with that. If it’s my parents or other relatives that I cannot avoid, I would get very irritated. If it’s my friends I would avoid them for a while until I remember the good things about them. And as for significant others, well I don’t have any since I haven’t found a guy who is perfect, and those I was attracted to for a while manifest their flaws after you get to know them well, and to me that’s a big turn off. But at the same time those people that we really care we also do a lot more to tolerate them than we would with other people.

  2. With these four steps, you should be on the road to either changing or loving your flaws. Only you will know which flaws you should probably work on — and which ones you really need to accept and love. Remember: we are all flawed. Everyone has something (and maybe many things!) he or she feels is flawed. But only some people take those flaws and proactively choose to accept and love them. Be one of those people. Love your flaws!

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