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“I want to be an unforgettable teacher.”

It’s official:  i’m going to be a Guest English Teacher at a public school in Seoul starting September.  All i can say is, i am beyond excited.  I even watched Master of Study to learn about public schools in Seoul and the Korean educational system and culture in general.  It moved my heart and inspired me to be the best teacher i can be—“an unforgettable teacher.”  At first, i thought that was a rather self-centered, ego-inflated way of looking at things.  But then i realized that teachers who really care can’t help but want their students to care in return.  Teachers are human, too.

My main reason for going is to take a year or two “off” from where i am right now and focus on myself.  I want to be free from all restrictions (or as much as i can manage abroad, away from home) and just do anything my heart desires.  I probably shouldn’t have picked Seoul because i know even more people there who will bother me and take away my time, but i wanted to go someplace familiar and where i spoke the language fluently.

By time “off,” i certainly don’t mean that i won’t be taking my time there seriously.  There are two projects that i will have to take very seriously, the first one being obvious:  my job.  It has always been my dream to teach, and though i don’t think of ESL education in particular as a long-term endeavor for me, i do enjoy parsing and teaching language and believe that knowing English is an important asset.  However, i am hoping that i’ll be able to teach my students more than just the English language.  I hope to allow them to discover a lifelong joy of learning–and in themselves, self-worth–and i’m sure i’ll have a lot to learn from them as well.

My second project will be to familiarize myself with as many of the great philosophers and their works as possible.  I plan on going to grad school for Philosophy in a few years, and i feel that i am not quite up to par as those with a B.A. in the subject.  And so, i’ve begun collecting books to bring with me to Seoul to study in my free time.  Please leave suggestions if you have any, especially for ancient philosophy.

I’ll be leaving August 9th.


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Meet Bob and Dorney

My best friend Ju gave me two African Dwarf Frogs for my birthday.

I have to admit, i suffered a temporary crisis of conscience after whiling away my first hour with them in silent awe, because i hadn’t yet figured out for myself whether keeping pets is ethical.  This same moral dilemma is what moved me to let my parakeets go sometime in middle school or junior high, in the full knowledge that they would die in the “wild,” and probably within the hour.  I wanted them to be free, and i felt i had no right to own them.

So do i have a right to own these frogs?  I don’t know.  Should they be confined to my tank?  I don’t know about that either, but according to breeders, they’d be much better off in my tank than in a local river.  These frogs were raised to be kept as pets, so i’d essentially be committing murder if i released them.

I understand all that, but i’m still not comfortable owning them.  I don’t even know if they’re happy with me or comfortable in their tank.  And i’m not okay with pet breeding, period.  I don’t think humans have a right to breed animals for their own pleasure.

So i had these frogs in my hands, and i didn’t know what to do with them.  I liked them.  They’re adorably quirky.  For a while, i cursed Ju for having given them to me in the first place.  But she had given me a thoughtful (and unique!) present, and i didn’t have the heart to return them.  And, i liked them.

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wish me luck

I leave tomorrow for a school trip to Morocco, and when i come back, i’ll be busy writing a report on said trip, moving into my new dorm, and preparing for my internship, so i might not be able to post much of anything until the week of the 26th.  Not sure what to expect on the trip, but i’m nervous to say the least, seeing as the last time i went on a school trip like this one, i slept maybe a total of five hours the entire week and threw up nonstop the last two days.

I guess i’ll just aim for coming back in one piece.



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Healthy bowel movements will put blogs out of business

Sorry about the lack of posting, but i’ve been consuming a lot of fiber lately, so my super fast pooping (i seriously just took about 15 seconds) hasn’t been allowing me to think enough to produce a blog post.  Maybe that whole-grain cookie, six grain yogurt with granola, and whole-wheat pitas with hummus were overkill.  But damn, all those things are so good.  And good for you.

Hopefully i’ll be able to get in a nice, thoughtful loo session within the week.  In the meantime, i wish you all happy pooping.

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