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search term feature, issue #2


I know, it’s a little too soon for another feature, but i’ve been getting some good ones lately, and i don’t have anything else to write about anyway.  

“five letter salutation starting with s”

First person to think of one gets an e-award.  I’m ruling out “salut” and any other non-English salutations.  

“types of salutation used in resort”

Not sure if this person meant “resort” or “retort,” but if he/she did mean “resort,” i find it humorous.  This is actually a good idea for a post:  “A list of salutations to be used only as a last resort.  Use with discretion.”  

“showing nostrils woman”

Aww man, look at that sexy lady showing her unmentionables…!  

“touch legs”

Um…i just don’t understand what this person is looking for.  

“a can yogurt”

Canned yogurt?  Wow.  Why didn’t i think of that?  That’s a million dollar idea right there.  

“eyeglass frames that look like toilet bowls”

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search term feature, issue #1

“nostrils are so big”

Really?  Cos i thought planets were so big.

“yogurt grainy help”

Because the grains are going to attack me!

“air sign not sure”

Okay, this person is just an idiot.  If you’re not sure if you’re an air sign, why don’t you look up which signs are air signs instead of asking the fucking search engine?!  
“dear diary proper english comma or period”

If you’re writing in your diary, why would you worry about using proper English or punctuation?

“realistic legs”

As opposed to…fake-looking ones?  Can legs even look fake?  How did this search even lead to my blog?

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