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student quotes, edition #2

we are very hungry, so we eat boodaejjigae.  We eat more than next table’s boys.

I’m ever summer was born.  I’m eat some blood.  I’m fly bug.  I’m bear in water.  I’m comeing night. people is. kill me.  electricity whip.  is fire my body.  my mouth is very long!  my body is head, breast, and abdomen.  I heat F killer!  see you soon

One day, when is puppy sleeping.  However I heard laughting.  It’s unretable situation.  The sound forward to puppy!  Maybe puppy is dreaaming.  So laughing.  It’s very mystery sound.  but my puppy is pretty and lovely!!!  I will love my puppy.

(I love how she describes the dog as laughing!)

A later I want grow beautiful and quietly live in the marado.

Hello, my soul.  I’m your body.  I’m really throb.  because I go to the Jeju island. tomorrow morning.  You too?  Ah!!  I must speak you.  first, You think seriously of every thing.  I speak to your think.  I am a very difficulty.  Second, keep the mind, please.  Many people laughed by my expression.  I’m very shame.  But.  I love you.  You have an original idea.  It is a very important, in our time.  We must succeed in our time.  good luck my soul ~.

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student quotes, edition #1


[Grabbing my arm] No, don’t go! I have more questions…

[Seeing me pass out letters for them] Ahhhhhhhh!!!  [not a squeal, but a full-on scream]

[Opening my letter] Teacher, you’re so sentimental…!

-Do you wanna ask me a question?

While playing the one word story game (where each person adds one word to a developing story):

Yesterday…i…went…to…the…bathroom…to…wash…my…body.  My…grandfather…visited…me, and he came into…the bathroom!!

From writing assignments:

They always look for hot girl even if they looks like potato.

I like to go shopping because my eyes are very excited.

I like blue & pink on ordinary times.  Because Blue is gloomy and like a daydream.  And Blue give to me imaginative power, so I can dream through the blue.

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Sometimes i love my girls

Student:  Sensitive tongue…
[I type it in.]
Student:  [in Korean to a classmate] You know, can taste food well…
Me:  Oh, i thought you meant for kissing!
Student:  Oh, no, no, no, not me!  I’m not like that!  <turns away and hides her face>

I teach at an all girls’ Christian mission high school.  My 2nd graders’ first essay topic is men (or women, if that is their sexual preference).

The co-teacher was absent in class 2-2.  Here’s the list of brainstorming ideas they suggested for a men-themed essay:

type (ideal type)
body – six pack, foot size, shoulder span, waist size, horse muscle [apparently it refers to thighs], Adam’s apple, tight bum, chest hair (none preferred), leg hair (none preferred)
face – size
personality – heart, humorous, honest, kind, generous
skinship [the Konglish term for physical intimacy]
friendship (how many friends? relationship with friends)
relationship with women?
manners, chivalry [my suggestion]
driving skills
height (tall?) – leg length
hair – how much?

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