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Protected: Encouragement and discipline in the classroom

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Sometimes i love my girls

Student:  Sensitive tongue…
[I type it in.]
Student:  [in Korean to a classmate] You know, can taste food well…
Me:  Oh, i thought you meant for kissing!
Student:  Oh, no, no, no, not me!  I’m not like that!  <turns away and hides her face>

I teach at an all girls’ Christian mission high school.  My 2nd graders’ first essay topic is men (or women, if that is their sexual preference).

The co-teacher was absent in class 2-2.  Here’s the list of brainstorming ideas they suggested for a men-themed essay:

type (ideal type)
body – six pack, foot size, shoulder span, waist size, horse muscle [apparently it refers to thighs], Adam’s apple, tight bum, chest hair (none preferred), leg hair (none preferred)
face – size
personality – heart, humorous, honest, kind, generous
skinship [the Konglish term for physical intimacy]
friendship (how many friends? relationship with friends)
relationship with women?
manners, chivalry [my suggestion]
driving skills
height (tall?) – leg length
hair – how much?

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