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Seeing faces, reading faces

When i was a kid, i used to point at random cars and go, “That one looks sad!  That one looks like a racoon!  That one’s got doe eyes!”  I was referring to the “faces” of the cars, with the headlights for the eyes, the license plate for the nose/snout, and the grille for the mouth.  

The 1999 Ford Taurus always looked like a laughing baby to me:


Look at that smooth brow, bubbly eyes, and wide grin.  Compare its cuteness to the viciousness of the 2008 Honda Accord:

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A New York moment

I was taking the E train downtown as part of my usual daily commute to school, when a homeless lady came to the center of the car and asked for food, any tidbit, anything to eat or drink.  I wanted to give her something, but i didn’t have anything on me.  A young lady sitting in front of me gave her a granola bar.  When the homeless lady moved to another car, a little girl sitting next to the generous young lady questioned her mom about the homeless lady.  “She’s hungry.  Why’s she hungry?”  The mother whispered an explanation into her ear.  Then after a few moments of thought, the little girl went, “I’m hungry too!”  The young lady and i laughed along with the mother.  One stop later, the young lady started to cry.  A few stops later, the mother and daughter got off the train, the daughter tickling her mother, going “Tickly, tickly!”  And at West 4th, i got off, making my usual way to class.

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