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The blue jays that visit me every summer

Blue jays hold a special place in my heart.  Such colorful birds aren’t so common in S. Korea, so the first time i saw them in Virginia, i was captivated by their beauty.  They’re what got me into bird watching.

Every summer, a pair of blue jays visits the mini-forest next to my house.  The first summer they visited (or maybe the first summer i noticed them) was when i was in elementary or middle school.  I saw a flash of blue outside, and knowing what that meant, i stepped out onto my porch.  The two beautiful birds flew around me in a circle before disappearing into a forest further away.  It was a magical moment.

I recognize their calls when their visiting season returns, and whenever i hear them, i always, always look outside.  Sometimes they like to play hide-and-seek with each other in the pine tree right outside my window:

The other one was hiding beyond my frame.  I promise to update with a better photo if i can manage one before they leave for another year.  I don’t know where they go for the rest of the year, but i know they’ll always come back for the summer.

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