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I suddenly miss New York more than ever

I miss going to The Strand, the store with 18 miles of books.  I miss walking and smoking by the Hudson, strolling into Chelsea galleries on a whim.  I miss exploring the community gardens and street art of the Lower East Side, witnessing the struggle against gentrification.  I never got to wrap yarn around the fences…  I miss the small playhouses and underground comedy clubs, the well-deserved nights of good times and fun.  These nights were so rare for me that they never lost their charm or magic.

I miss taking long walks in the spring, carrying nothing at all, my skirt billowing in the breeze.  I miss sitting in front of Alumni Hall, sketching in the sun with a mug of hot tea by my side.  I miss visiting the Barney building just to indulge in its comforting atmosphere and pleasing red-and-ivory color scheme.  In the 2nd floor women’s room, there is a sunny stall missing a swinging door.  The window opens all the way, so you can stick your head out and look down 9th St, my favorite street in Manhattan.

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The things that stay for you

I was feeling down tonight, still suffering from this and grey weather, so on the way back from a 10pm Trader Joe’s run, i had a cigarette in front of my building, holding a bag of strawberries that i hoped would cheer me up.

I didn’t expect the scenery above:  the sky was a dark indigo with a tinge of green, and the grey clouds wrapped the nearly full moon—a perfectly white moon, just the way i like it.  As the smoke from my mouth tangled with the air, fading into the clouds, the street lamps soaked the white-bloomed tree in amber, and i was happy for a moment.  

Maybe a full moon will be waiting for me tomorrow night.

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A new home


I just moved from 2nd and Bowery to 9th and 3rd Ave.  I loved the location of the former—it was a quiet, secretively hip neighborhood, and i was two blocks away from Whole Foods, three blocks away from my internship, and a 10-min walk from campus—but it was difficult sharing a studio the size of five full size beds with a roommate.  I haven’t met my new suitemate yet, but i’m loving it here so far, because the room (a single!) is much larger than i expected (everyone else thinks it’s small, but it’s big enough for me), and it’s south-facing, so i get plenty of sunlight.  My plants will be happy for once.  The only downside about the interior is the depressing and dirty kitchenette and bathroom.  The industrial, fluorescent lighting does not help, and i don’t have the money or time to decorate right now.  I’m also very close to 3rd Ave, so i’m inundated with traffic noise all the time.  But i have a sundial right outside my window, and how cool is that (it’s the one in the triangle formed by 9th, Stuyvesant St., and 3rd Ave).  

Weighing the pros and cons, i think i got a pretty good deal.  And i’m really excited to transform my room into a welcoming sanctuary.  Hopefully i’ll be happier here and be able to get more sleep so i can blog more!  

*about the image:  Apparently, Connecticut College residents have camels greeting them outside their window.

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