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the yogurt series, i

I hated yogurt until i went to Paris this January and lived there for five months. Every major supermarket there has at least two aisles of yogurt selections, and most of those selections are amazing. France is particularly famous for its “pure” yogurt, in all its thick and fresh goodness:

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I’m talking about the yogurt in the center of the pile, in the terra cotta pots (the lovely terra cotta pots that are perfect for storing all kinds of ingredients!). It’s made by La Fermière. I wish i had a close-up shot of the yogurt itself. It’s surprisingly firm that you can literally cut it with your spoon; it’s nothing like the runny yogurt we have in the States. It’s not as tart as American yogurt; it tastes creamier, but not at all fatty. It is full fat, but you know what, that’s how yogurt was meant to be. But it’s not like Greek yogurt at all; Greek yogurt is strained, so it’s got a “sticky” consistency–the consistency of acrylic paint. (Pardon the rather unappetizing metaphor. Not hatin’ on Greek yogurt, folks–i actually swear by FAGE when cooking.) Anyway, here’s a pic i found of the yogurt itself; although it’s tiny, you can get a feel for the yogurt’s consistency:

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Frozen blueberries are so addictive


beautiful, aren't they?

beautiful, aren't they?

(photo credit: Carl Zacharias Mellin)

Frozen blueberries are so much more delicious than you’d imagine.  I’m not talking about a bag of freezer-burnt, ice-crusted frozen blueberries from the frozen foods section of the supermarket.  I’m talking freshly picked, hand-washed with love, thoroughly drained, frozen individually on a sheet pan, and transferred to a zipbag to last you through the winter blueberries.  Oh.  My.  Fucking.  God.  They are out of this world!  I’ve always been a blueberry fanatic, but i never imagined rock-hard home-frozen blueberries to be this good.  Eating fresh blueberries is always a heavenly pleasure, of course, but there are advantages to eating them frozen instead:

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Healthy bowel movements will put blogs out of business

Sorry about the lack of posting, but i’ve been consuming a lot of fiber lately, so my super fast pooping (i seriously just took about 15 seconds) hasn’t been allowing me to think enough to produce a blog post.  Maybe that whole-grain cookie, six grain yogurt with granola, and whole-wheat pitas with hummus were overkill.  But damn, all those things are so good.  And good for you.

Hopefully i’ll be able to get in a nice, thoughtful loo session within the week.  In the meantime, i wish you all happy pooping.

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