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List all the things that “trees in the window” could mean. NOW.

I usually hear weird things being spoken over the PA at Nordstrom.  Random phrases that i cannot make out but know for sure are weird.  Most recently, the all-too-familiar female voice came on and said, “Trees in the window.”  Just like that.  Out of nowhere.  Not just a matter-of-fact “trees-in-the-window, please move them because they are blocking my view and if they are blocking my view i really wouldn’t have anything to do in this tiny office cos i wouldn’t be able to stare out the window,” but an annoyingly sing-song “TREES in the WINdow.”

Three minutes later, she did it again.  No one around me reacted.  I shook my mom and demanded why that lady kept saying that, but she just laughed it off and forgot about it, while it consumed me, eating away at my brain.  I even looked around, looking for a window that’s got trees in front of it but didn’t see any.  I don’t think any of the shoppers even realized what the mystery lady said.

This occurred on Monday afternoon, but it is still bothering me, so i have just emailed Nordstrom customer service about it.  Hopefully i will get a reply, and if i do, i will update this post.


This is the reply i got from the store manager:

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